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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Welcome to MegBee Productions!

We are officially in business! You may view a sampling of my portfolio by watching the videos on this blog.

I recommend that you watch "Perfect Day" for a good sampling of what I will do for you.

(Some of the videos were made prior to creating MegBee Productions. Thus, they do not reflect the quality of videos that I make today.)

Please read through the information I've posted on the right side panel. Pricing is listed there as well.

Thank You!

MegBee Productions Portfolio- Just For Fun!

"Guinea Pigs & Cherries" by Megan Balsmeier. Copyright 2009. Music by Jimmy Eat World

I wasn't planning on using this clip to make a video (hense the dizziness). However, it's an example of how I can do anything you want and make it fun :)

Monday, June 22, 2009

MegBee Productions Portfolio "Angels & Animals"

"Angels & Animals" by Megan Balsmeier. Music is "In The Arms Of an Angel" by Sarah McLaughlin, who is an ambassador for needy animals. All images from stock photos.

"Angels & Animals" is an example of an awareness video. The topic is animal euthanasia. (with a religious perspective) This is another video that I made a few years ago (2005). You may notice that there are swirls in the pictures. That's simply because the video was only intended to be a sample; so I used stock photos.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

New Focus

MegBee Productions is now focusing on marketing to important organizations such as non-profit groups, children's hospitals, and animal welfare.

My goal is to create videos for organizations that desperately need your help. Having studied rhetoric and other aspects of human behavior in my college courses, I'm able to infuse several methods of persuasion into videos. MegBee Productions is dedicated to creating awareness and support for important causes. Viewers will be inspired; you will be remembered; a difference will be made.

Below is an example of what I could do for an animal welfare organization.

This is Spec, a one year old red heeler mix. On Christmas Eve, officers responded to a home where animals were kept in despicable conditions. Many had already died. After much care and rehabilitation, Spec was able to overcome her medical and behavioral problems. She was adopted to a loving family on Valentines Day.

For this video I could create awareness of animal hoarding, the importance of spay & neuter, pet adoption, and the change that comes about in the animals' lives when rescuers are involved.

Videos are also intended to incur donations, thus assuring that organizations can continue their important efforts. Because final videos are burned to high quality DVDs, I can make several videos on one disc, each covering a different topic or aspect of the organization. (See Premium Package details)